Wayl Issue #2: 'Purgatory'

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The journey into the world of the Middle East's darkest comic book story continues with issue #2 of Wayl, 'Purgatory. Our adventure takes a darker, more twisted turn with the introduction of the main villain: Abu Shakoosh. Inspired by the real life events of a notorious serial killer who roamed the streets of Amman in the early 1990s, 'Purgatory' reinvents the story of Abu Shakoosh, who used to murder pharmacists late at night and steal the money in the pharmacy's cash register, and inserts it into the Wayl story canon. How will he escape his solitary confinement and what will he do next? How has Wayl managed to survive the exhaustion and lack of shelter he has gone through along with the mental torture? Find out in this issue!

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    23 pages
  • Size23.4 MB
  • Length23 pages
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Wayl Issue #2: 'Purgatory'

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